Changing or adding additional emails

You can change your primary email address without deleting or creating a new account. 

Step 1: Add an additional email

  1. Select "My Settings" from the left-hand navigation menu
  2. Select "Email Settings"
  3. Select "Add New Email" input the new email in the text box 
  4. Hover your cursor over the text input box, the save option will appear to the right

*you must add an additional email before you can change your primary

Step 2: Changing your primary email:

  1. Click the circle to the left of the new email to set it as your primary and select "save" to the right
  2. After you have set the new email as the primary you can delete the old email by selecting delete to the right of the email address (hover the cursor over the text box to show the save or delete option)

Pro Tip: You can keep the older email as an additional email. The additional email works as an alternate log in or to receive invitations. The primary email is where all of your Rallyhood notifications will be sent. 

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