Creating a message wall post

Your Rally's message wall is the first page you'll see when entering your Rally. You can also navigate here by selecting "Message Wall" from the left-hand Rally navigation menu.

Creating a message wall post: 

  1. Select "Post New Message" from the upper left corner of the message wall
  2. Input a title and the message body into the text boxes available
  3. Attach any relevant images or files with "Add photos or files," these will automatically be saved to the files or gallery section
  4. Select "Post" when you're finished

Pro Tips: 

  • Use the formatting options available in the message wall body text box, when copying and pasting text all formatting will be lost.
  • Selecting "Notify Immediately" will send an email with the message to all of the Rally members
  • Tap the message title to view the message separately from the main message wall
  • Use the ellipsis in the upper right corner to edit or delete the message (only for the message creator, Rally owner and admins)

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