Profile settings

Profile Settings: Edit your profile picture, personal information, time zone and language preference

You have the ability to change your profile settings from your Rallyhood homepage. 

From your Rallyhood homepage, click "My Settings" on the left-hand menu or by clicking the circle in the upper right-hand corner of the homepage and selecting "My Settings" from the drop-down menu.

There are 5 tabs you can chose from

  1. Rallyhood Profile
  2. Email Address
  3. Notification Settings
  4. Other Preferences
  5. Change Password

Add information to your Rallyhood Profile

Here you can add an account photo, your position, your interests, additional information, your address, and your social links.

Add a Profile Picture:

  1. First click the Rallyhood Profile tab.
  2. Click on the profile image, “Change Photo”.
  3. Select "Upload New Photo," select any image from your computer then click "open".
  4. The selected image is now available for cropping.
  5. Select "Save" at the bottom of the screen.

Personal information:

  1. In the Rallyhood profile tab input the correct information for first name, last name, city, state and country.
  2. When your edits are complete select "Save" from the bottom of the screen.

Time Zone and Desired Language:

  1. Click on the "Other Preferences" tab, and select your desired time zone and/or language from the drop-down list (English and Spanish are available).
  2.  Select "Save" at the bottom of the screen.

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