Rally Member Roles: Owner, Admin, Friend and Guest

The owner of a Rally is the leader and creator of that Rally. They have the ability to delete or archive the Rally in addition to the same abilities as an administrator and Rally Friend.

The admins have management capabilities, but not the ability to delete or unarchive a Rally. The owner and admins have the ability to edit content, edit settings, invite friends, create signup lists, add related links and approve requests to join the Rally in addition to the abilities of a Rally Friend.

Rally friend is an active member of the Rally and is able to fully participate. They have the ability to create folders, upload content and create events. They are able to edit any content that they upload or create.

A  guest is a member that has been invited to the Rally, but not accepted their invitation. Guests receive daily digests, but can not interact with the Rally until they accept their invitation.

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