Changing Rally Owner

Transferring Rally Ownership (Rally owner only)

Rally ownership can only be transferred by the current owner from a desktop or mobile browser. Once the transfer has been made it can only be undone by the new owner.

  1. In your Rally, click on "Friends" on the lefthand menu.
  2. Click on the ellipses next to whichever user you would like to make the "Owner."
  3. Select "Make this user the Rally owner." 
  4. Select "Confirm."
  5. Hit the refresh button on your browser. You should now be designated as an "Admin" on the Friends page.
  6. Once you are designated the Admin, you can click on the ellipses by your name and select "Remove."

Rally ownership has now been transferred and your role is now set to admin. If you wish to leave a Rally follow the instructions here: Leaving a Rally.

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